YELLOW STONE CORP. major in production of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and LED (Light-Emitting Diode), we have the strongest R & D team, the latest automation equipment, flexible and efficient management system and ISO9001 strict quality control, all processes have been imported fully computerized operations. The company's products are now fast and smooth marketing flow worldwide shipments to Taiwan. In Taiwan we have more than 1,000 customers in long-term use of the company's products

Electrolytic Capacitor Supplier in Taiwan

An Electrolytic Capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an electrolyte to achieve a larger capacitance than other capacitor types. Moreover, all Electrolytic Capacitor are polarized capacitors whose anode is made of a particular metal on which an insulating oxide layer forms by anodization, acting as the dielectric of the Electrolytic Capacitor .
Electrolytic Capacitors Manufacturer

Our company been specializing in providing Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Electric Double Layer Capacitors with high standard quality and fair price. With our expertise, we have been offering quality Electrolytic Capacitors renowned for premium features at excellent performance.

Yellow Stone Corp. passes SGS-ISO9001 Taiwan specialized in manufacturing high/low voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors manufacturers, the main products include Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Snap-In Capacitor, Chip Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Polymer Capacitor, Gold Capacitor, Supercapacitor and providing professional services and advice of its capacitor characteristics-low frequency, low impedance, high capacitance, wide temperature range, low prices. They are widely used in energy storage, filtering and bypass uses and applications on various types of electronic and electrical products, including consumer electronics, home appliances(such as stereos and televisions), power supplies, uninterrupted power systems, motherboards, monitors, communications products, computer and peripheral optoelectronic products, electronic ballast and other fields.

An Electrolytic Capacitor is polarized and uses an electrolyte to reach a large capacitance. The large capacitance of Electrolytic Capacitors makes them particularly suitable for passing or bypassing low-frequency signals up to some mega-hertz and for storing large amounts of energy. They are widely used for decoupling or noise filtering in power supplies.
YELLOW STONE CORP. has served the point of purchase industry for decades and we know how important premium appearance and consistency are to the overall display in this fast paced industry. We can manufacture Electrolytic Capacitor that meets specific technical requirements. If you're in Taiwan and need expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable staff, please visit our showroom.