YELLOW STONE CORP. major in production of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and LED (Light-Emitting Diode), we have the strongest R & D team, the latest automation equipment, flexible and efficient management system and ISO9001 strict quality control, all processes have been imported fully computerized operations. The company's products are now fast and smooth marketing flow worldwide shipments to Taiwan. In Taiwan we have more than 1,000 customers in long-term use of the company's products

LED maker, LED Supplier in Taiwan

In striving to be your top LED Supplier/ LED Manufacturer, YELLOW STONE CORP. offers High-Power LED components of various sizes, shapes, colors and brightness. LED Display is one of our main products, featuring its high quality and excellent performance. With LED Display, clients would save more time and money for its high performance.

LED Manufacturer and Suppiler

As a leading LED Product manufacturer, we offer LED Inside and LED Lighting suitable for various industries, such as Computer Peripherals Industry, 3C Products Industry, Lighting Industry, etc. With our expertise, we have been offering quality LED Product renowned for premium features at competitive prices.

LED Product
Features: Low power consumption, low driving voltage
Advantages: Small size, long life, fast reaction rate, low price, environmental protection, no radiation.
Application: monitors, communication, automotive lights, computer peripherals, lighting and consumer electronics related products.

LEDs allow for a variety of different color whites. Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is the process of creating different white light at different temperatures. Also, LEDs are unlike other traditional lights where higher voltages produce brighter light. This is important to know when working with LEDs as most power supplies are made to regulate voltage, not current.
YELLOW STONE CORP. delivers a broad range of innovative and reliable LED Display and controls solutions specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings. LED Display is committed to quality, innovation, and service through our knowledgeable team that is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. Our company is a reliable manufacturer of LED Products in Taiwan, specializing in LED Dip for many years.