Electric Double Layer Capacitors

Electric Double Layer Capacitors Manufacturer

Electric Double Layer Capacitors are one of our main products, featuring its high quality and excellent performance. We provide two kinds of Electric Double Layer Capacitors, such as Supercapacitor and Gold Capacitor, all with high quality.

Yellow Stone Corp. as a manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors has provide two kinds of Electric Double Layer Capacitors.
1. Button type- called Gold Capacitors.
Gold Capacitors are an agent for DX, DB, DCK, DSK series. Besides that, Gold capacitor also can used in Memory Backup.
2. Winding type-called Supercapacitors or Ultracapacitor or Farad capacitor.
Supercapacitor is a high energy density and energy storage capacitors. They are widely used drive recorder (dash cam), smart meters, solar energy saving system, etc.times of up to 10 million times more.

Electric Double Layer Capacitors:
Features: small size, light internal resistance, rapid charge-discharge
Advantages: high power, high energy, high life-cycle
Application: Solar Charger, backup battery, and memory status reminds the accumulator.

Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLCs) in which energy storage predominant is achieved by double-layer capacitance, energy is stored by forming an electrical double layer of electrolyte ions on the surface of conductive electrodes. Also, Yellow Stone Corp., the world’s leading manufacturer of Electric Double Layer Capacitors, is positioned at the leading edge of innovation and service, providing the most comprehensive Electric Double Layer Capacitors solutions packages to its customers.

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